C C 302 - Introduction to Ancient Rome-WB

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C C 302 Introduction to Ancient Rome-WB Spring 2018OnlineTBA $850.00 Class not available

Course Type: On-Demand Online

  • Students can participate from any location with a reliable high-speed internet connection. No set meeting times.
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Class Description:

Meets January 16 – May 4. This course is offered on demand and for the most part can be done on the student’s own schedule. There are due dates for all assignments, and the exams must be taken on the assigned dates in a proctored, face-to-face setting.  Exam proctoring fees may apply and are not included in the course fee. Course grades will be determined by performance on modules and graded quizzes; midterm exams; short, weekly assignments; and an assignment on Stanley Kubrick's classic movie Spartacus

This introductory-level online course covers the cultural and political history of Ancient Rome, from the city’s origins in the Iron Age (c. 800 BCE) to the height of its imperial power in the 2nd century CE. Students will have the opportunity to learn about Rome’s evolution from a small city to the head of a world empire. The course is comprised of textbook readings, primary source readings, and ten highly interactive, multimedia content modules.  Students will be able to work through the course modules at their own pace within a 7-10 day period.  Each module includes a practice quiz, so that students can evaluate their progress and identify misunderstandings with the help of the course instructor. The instructional team will also provide feedback to each student on various assignments, tests, and exercises throughout the course.

Official UT Austin Course Description:

Survey of the highlights and the influence of Roman civilization. No knowledge of Latin is required.

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