B A 320F - Foundations of Entrepreneurship

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the basic thoughts, skills, and ideas that are common to the building of new ventures. Students will learn how to translate business and management knowledge to explore issues in entrepreneurship; apply critical thinking skills to a practical challenge; create a product designed to solve a pain in the market; pitch this product in writing and verbally to potential investors; and gain an overview of ethical considerations in entrepreneurship. BA 320F counts for the Business Foundations Program certificate in place of LEB 320F, MAN 320F, or MKT 320F, and may be counted toward the Bridging Disciplines Program certificate in Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship.

Course Type: Classroom - UT Austin

  • Students attend class on the main UT Austin campus one or two times a week, generally after 5 p.m.

Official UT Austin Course Description:

Introduction to the mechanics and strategies for starting a business.


Upper-division standing

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