LAT 506 - First-Year Latin I-WB

Texas Common Number: LATI 1511

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LAT 506 First-Year Latin I-WB Spring 2018OnlineTBA $1100.00 Class not available

This course will introduce the foundations of Latin vocabulary, grammar and syntax to the beginning student of the Latin language. We will work our way through Wheelock’s Latin (7th edition), covering approximately two-thirds of the textbook and bringing the student around halfway to intermediate competency (when the student becomes able to read unabridged Latin texts with assistance). Students will be graded according to work on midterms, online course modules, online assignments, participation and a collaborative class exercise.

Course Type: On-Demand Online

  • Students can participate from any location with a reliable high-speed internet connection. No set meeting times.
  • Some courses require exams that must be taken in-person at an approved testing center. Details are in the course description below.
  • Courses are organized into a series of lessons with set deadlines for completing assignments throughout the semester.
  • Students set their own schedule for watching lectures and other videos, and for completing assigned work, so long as deadlines are met.

Class Description:

Meets January 16 – May 4. This online course is offered on demand and for the most part can be done on the student's own schedule. There are weekly due dates for all assignments. Exam proctoring fees may apply and are not included in the course fee.

Official UT Austin Course Description:

Fundamentals of grammar and reading.



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