M 302 - Effective Thinking Through Mathematics-WB

Texas Common Number: MATH 1332

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M 302 Effective Thinking Through Mathematics-WB Spring 2018OnlineMichael Starbird $850.00 Class not available

Course Type: On-Demand Online

  • Students can participate from any location with a reliable high-speed internet connection. No set meeting times.
  • Some courses require exams that must be taken in-person at an approved testing center. Details are in the course description below.
  • Courses are organized into a series of lessons with set deadlines for completing assignments throughout the semester.
  • Students set their own schedule for watching lectures and other videos, and for completing assigned work, so long as deadlines are met.

Class Description:

Meets January 16 – May 4. This is an online course with no in-person meetings. The course is structured with weekly modules. Students will be able to work through each module at their own pace during that week, but work will be due each week. Course grades will be determined by performance on modules and graded quizzes; midterm exams; and weekly assignments.  There are due dates for all assignments.  The final examination is cumulative and must be taken in a proctored, face-to-face setting.  Exam proctoring fees may apply and are not included in the course fee.

This course is not like any mathematics course you have ever taken. In this course, you will play with some puzzles, figure out how to draw in perspective, learn about infinity and the fourth dimension, and understand why coincidences happen. By grappling with these and other fascinating mathematical topics, you will learn effective thinking—that is, how to create insights and how to solve difficult challenges. Thinking more effectively is the key to success for everyone—students, business leaders, artists, writers, politicians, and all of us living our everyday lives. You can personally learn habits of effective thinking and use them for your own success throughout your life. That is the goal of this class.

Official UT Austin Course Description:

Official UT Austin Course Title: Introduction to Mathematics.

Intended primarily for general liberal arts students seeking knowledge of the nature of mathematics as well as training in mathematical thinking and problem solving. Topics include number theory and probability; additional topics are chosen by the instructor.


Texas Success Initiative (TSI) exemption or a TSI Mathematics Assessment score of 350 or higher.

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